Clip on Blinder (x2)

One Pair of Clip on Blinders for Air arms old sights
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Two Blinders to Slide/Clip onto std Air Arms, BSA or similar Dioptre Sights with 8mm thread. Complies with ISSF Rule [] & Sporter rules.The centre point of the Dioptre to edge of these Blinders is approx 90mm, and the width is 29.5mmRules allow for100mm and 30mm Wide. Why use a Blinder By closing one eye it is understood to impair the ability to judge depth and distance.You also cause the open eye work to harder which can lead to eye strain. Closing one eye can also affect your balance.For these reasons using a blinder can assist in improving your shooting. Some shooters choose to use a blinder to force the use of the non dominant eye in preference to holding the rifle / pistol in a preferred hand.These blinders are also suitable to be used with a headband. You can either place the holed end under the headband or affix some velcro. Instructions on use Holding the blinder with the opening away from you. Place a finger into center of blinder just below the hole, push down with this finger whilst holding the sides to create a slight curve, Then slide onto diopter. Small cracking sounds maybe heard on first few applications. Use same process to remove. Use Caution if turning blinder from one side to the other due to the clip on design the opening may catch on the edge of the diopter housing.Following these guidelines should result in many uses. (Random tests have allowed for min 200 uses although this may vary dependent on use}(Note this is for the Blinder Only, the dioptre sight shown is for illustration purposes only) Alternative Free Version Just cut out from a plastic milk bottle, just may not look as nice.

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